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Web Services, Web Application Development, Database Applications, web application outsourcing

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NAGSOFT offers comprehensive Web Development services.

NAGSOFT can build dynamic, user-focused web sites, intranet applications and extranet applications, for your organization. Our expertise in web strategy, web design and internet technology can integrate your customers and suppliers with your organization. We deliver most efficient and cost effective solution which best fits into your organizational requirements. Thus we call them "Value Solutions".

A complete team consisting of, business analysts, technology specialists and creative designers, all under the watchful eye of accomplished project manager, handles your web solution. The starting objective and the end result is your complete statisfaction and your business growth.

eBusiness Strategy Development, Planning and Design Consulting

In an highly competitive environment, technology can give an edge over the competition. The technology can enhance speed of operations, bring in synergies within processes, brings you more closer to customers, reduces inventory costs by integrating suppliers with the organization. While most companies recognize that the technology has a big impact on their industry and it is creating new opportunities, many have only developed short-term initiatives. As e-business becomes the differentiator of success, e-business strategy development, planning and implementation will be critical for any business seeking to grow and remain competitive.

The sustained e-transformation

Transforming and integrating any business into an e-business is a great challenge. Our technology consulting team is well equipped to take up this challenge for you. It is not the short term strategy but the long term strategy development and planning that shall give you a “sustained e-transformation”. To have a sustained e-transformation, e-business solution should adapt to changing technology, changing business environments and processes and changing people. The adaptation should be fast too. Thus any transformation should be well planned and strategy well defined.

Developing Strategies

For a sustained competitive edge, the technology plays a very important role in redefining the competition. Technology can be a tool to sustain your leadership position. This may be giving more to your customers or reducing your and your suppliers costs. Or inventing new e-processes to fasten your manufacturing and operating processes. Strategies that leverage technology to sustain your position above your competition can make all the difference, and here we come in picture. Your knowledge of the industry and our knowledge of the technology can do wonders for your organisation.

Enabling you to integrate with new technologies

The technology changes rapidly and changes the complete scenario of the business environment. We at NAGSOFT ensure that your organisation adapt to these technology changes very fast. The e-business solution shall be capable of making technology adjustments with the advent of every new technology that can help your business maintain the competitive edge. Our ability to understand the complete perspective of technology and its implications, without adhering to a single legacy technology helps us to implement the best of all the technologies and integrate them seamlessly.

Accelerating the growth of your business

Any transformation needs an end-to-end solution with organisation adapting to new technology paradigm. It is important that the people utilize the processes to the fullest and thus enhance the growth of the business. Our end-to-end business solution makes sure that the processes are utilized and the transformation is smooth.


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