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NAGSOFT: Database Services, Remote DBA, Remote database support, DBA consulting, remote database administration, database monitoring services


NAGSOFT Remote database support services provide world-class remote support and DBA consulting that is customized according to the needs of your organization.

NAGSOFT Remote database support professionals have the highest standard in the database support industry, and all remote database consultants have real-world experience.

The database support starts from a basic support to advanced support depending on the requirements of your organization.

NAGSOFT has a strict and elaborate monitoring and reporting process to ensure that your organization's database is healthy and incase any remediation is required, same can be recommended or carried out.

Remote DBA support can play a very important role in preventive maintenance activity. It can play a primary as well as secondary DBA roles depending on your organizations DB strategy.

Primary objective for this activity is to ensure that your organizations DB is in perfect health at least cost.

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